An AFLSP Scholar and Zhejiang University graduate, ITO Yoshimi has since been working as a researcher at the Embassy of Japan in Beijing.  “Here I have obtained many opportunities to understand Chinese society, such as interviewing Chinese scholars and communicating with people from the media,” said Ito.

While studying global governance and regional strategy at Keio University, Ito discovered a deep interest in Chinese society and culture.  In 2014, after discussing with a school advisor, she suspended her studies at Keio University and pursued a Master of Public Administration at Zhejiang University instead.  “I think living in China is important for me to obtain firsthand information for my research.  And the AFLSP helped me meet a lot of friends with different cultural backgrounds,” said Ito.

Her two years at Zhejiang University equipped Ito with fluent Mandarin and strong cross-cultural relationships.  “We (AFLSP Scholars) used to study and live together in the Asian Youth Center, where we exchanged thoughts and built close friendships,” she said.